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TBFE Customs Available Now! 46

TBFE Customs Available Now!

Hi Everyone! If you’ve been thinking about a TBFE custom, now is a great time to book! From new talent and fresh faces to seasoned performers, here’s what’s happening: Alina Lopez – Currently two...

Q+A with Damien Woods 20

The Two Batgirls (Preorder)

PREORDER HERE http://www.superheroinelimited.com/the-two-batgirls Based on hundreds of surveys I have condensed down the information into two specific films that will be available to purchase. The details below were the majority vote. PREORDER MINIMUM BUY...


NGC Story: Sleeper Cell

Sonica thought she’d done the hard part, breaking into the Crown Prince’s main facility, stealing a disc containing all known Redstone mining sites, and on the way out facing down Alaric and a Darkheart...