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NGC Championship: Unfair

As Celestia and Candy Race head to the ring they of course expect a difficult fight. What they get is beyond their worst nightmares. The cruel stipulations of the battle see the heroines strength...

New eComics from The Battle for Earth 12

New eComics from The Battle for Earth

You’ve seen the movies, followed the heroines battles and their dastardly evil doers, now read the eComic. What? That’s right! The Battle for Earth is proud to present our first ever, superheroine eComics, based...


Rye & PH Black Friday SALE!

Rye & PH Black Friday sale SALE Sale! Most titles $24.95 http://shg-media.com/Default.aspx?SellerID=chris&ryeid=1 Please enjoy some screen caps of upcoming releases. Have a fun and safe Holiday weekend! Rye