Kung Fu Bikini

Kung Fu Bikini

Super Heroine Limited's "Kidnapped"Super Heroine Limited's "Kidnapped"Super Heroine Limited's "Kidnapped"

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Missy fights a martial arts assassin whose only interest is in teaching her a lesson in humility. Immediately its apparent that she is out matched, but Missy struggles on a losing streak until she is utterly defeated.

Notes: Fighting is cheesy, clunky choreography, but it’s all in good fun. Shot for a custom per request of customer.

Content: Slight groping. Lots of exchanged blows. Punches to the back and neck. Kick to the stomach. Attack while hurt on couch. Pushed hard into wall. Arms held above head against wall. Kick to face while on ground.

Running time: 8 minutes • Format: .MOV • Produced by Super Heroine Limited

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