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Super Heroine Limited's "Kidnapped"Super Heroine Limited's "Kidnapped"Super Heroine Limited's "Kidnapped"

Missy finds herself attacked and tracked down by criminals. They humiliate and torture her. Can she escape their dungeon? Or will she forever be their slave?

Director Notes: Custom made based on loose narrative. This is not an “action packed” film. Missy’s identity is exposed leading to her capture where she is the sex slave of several men (sex is not depicted). She fears she is pregnant and needs to escape. She is tortured some more before she manages to her herself free.

Content: Missy being chased through field (POV), strangled (POV), demaked (POV), pinned to floor (POV), 2 on 1 attack, pinned to floor, stomach punches, belt removal, knees to stomach, strangled with cape, groped, crotch punches, humiliation, body hits with crowbar, boot removal (towards end of video).

Running time: 18 minutes • Format: .MOV • Produced by Super Heroine Limited

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